What Is Ipe Wood?

It is also known as Bali and comes from a tree with its origin in West Java, Indonesia.

Ipe is light brown to gray and can be smooth or flaky. Like other woods, it can be made into durable boards, with many grades to choose from. Hardwood lumber online The wood also comes in a variety of colors.

One of the most popular types of Ipe is Spiral Ipe. This is a very dense type of wood, often called Hardwood Spiral, which makes it less dense than other Ipe varieties.

As mentioned, I’m coming in many different grades. There are five different grades, each with its advantages and disadvantages. While many people prefer these grades, it is not recommended that you use them as the only kind of Ipe that you will use. Many times the grades are used to match a particular look that one wants.

The first grade of Ipe is Topaz Ipe. It is a very light but durable wood that is often used for furniture. It has a reddish color and makes for a beautiful finish, especially when finished with some varnish.

The second grade is Green Appearance Ipe. This is a light tan wood and is commonly used for manufacturing computer parts.

In third place is Rose Red Ipe, which has an intense yellowish tone, and is quite durable. A fourth grade is Black, which is a dark brown color. This wood is familiar with commercial applications like PVC pipe.