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Floral prints, lace, and long dresses are all excellent choices. Opt for a floral print blouse and kitten heels if you want to make a style statement. Jeans are typically too casual for a tea party. Adding a hat will give your outfit a sharp style. Some tea parties specify the dress code, so check the invitation.
Long dresses

The “high” part of “high tea” has come to mean an elegant afternoon tea party, so you will want to avoid a fancy outfit and choose a comfortable and stylish dress. The 65% polyester/35% cotton blend is an excellent choice for this occasion because it is easy to care for and will remain breathable and airy.
Floral prints

There are plenty of different styles and designs of floral prints on tea party dresses. Whether you’re attending a formal afternoon tea party or want to dress to impress at a daytime cocktail party, floral prints are a beautiful choice. Most of these outfits are full length, but different designs and patterns have different glamor and style. Whether you choose a simple, full-length dress or a more extravagant, detailed design, you’re sure to look your best in floral prints.

If you’re looking for a different style to wear to a tea party, then you should look into jumping into a jumpsuit. Baby shower venue Jumpsuits can look stylish and are an essential part of any modern-style wardrobe. While they are typically casual, you can still find some trendy options in color combinations, including pastel hues. Here are a few options to check out:

Try a skirt if you’re looking for a new look for your tea party dress! Not only do skirts add a unique style to your outfit, but they’re also very comfortable! Choose a dress below the knee, and you’ll look lovely and sophisticated! A pair of shoes to complete the look is also recommended. This article contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if you make a purchase using them.

If you’re going to a tea party, dress up your slacks. Wear a collared shirt and leather shoes, or go for a floral print blouse and kitten-heeled sandals. Jeans are too casual for most tea parties, but a hat adds a sharp look to your outfit. Make sure you check the invitation carefully to see what the dress code is.
Pants suits

For a sophisticated look, opt for tailored pants with a collared blouse. You can pair them with a soft, flowing blouse or wear a camisole for a more casual look. While you may wear slacks or dress pants, ensure they fit you perfectly. After all, you’re attending a high tea party! Despite the casual nature of this occasion, it’s a great excuse to dress up your wardrobe!
Midi dresses

Whether going to a bridal shower, a springtime bridal shower, or a summer wedding, you’ll find that tea-length and midi dresses make great choices. The timeless elegance of Bloomingdale’s collection is reflected in playful ruffles, flirty slits, and dainty florals. If you want something more formal, tea-length sheath dresses or 3/4-sleeved midi dresses will look great on you.