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Sambou’s African Kitchen offers Gambian food with a unique style. Its menu features dishes made with heavy spices and slow-cooked meats. Menu items include shrimp soup with lime, cassava fries, and afra, made from lamb and onion in a spice paste. Meats are marinated for hours in lemon and spices before being cooked at Sambou’s African Kitchen. The food at Sambou’s changes daily, and the menu changes as often as possible to offer a variety of regional cuisine.
D.F. Nigerian Gourmet Food Truck

DF Nigerian Gourmet Food Truck is a mobile, award-winning African restaurant in Manhattan. This food truck serves traditional Nigerian dishes in front of the Nigerian Embassy. Food options include Nigerian jollof rice, fried rice, honey beans, and pepper stew. You can order online and have your meal delivered to you. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a full meal, D.F. Nigerian Gourmet Food Truck will satisfy your craving for African fare.

D.F. Nigerian Gourmet Food Truck is one of the best-known mobile restaurants in the city. It’s also located in Midtown Manhattan. While many other food trucks are mobile, D.F. Nigerian stands out from its traditional Nigerian fare. The truck has received accolades for being the best food truck in the city. Its owners are Nigerian immigrants who moved to the U.S. in 2001. The food truck was founded two years ago and has become a hit among local foodies.
Buka New York

A trip to Buka New York is impossible without stopping at its atmospheric, candlelit Nigerian restaurant. Nigerian Restaurant in London This compact eatery has a lively bar and serves fragrant Nigerian fare. Its menu is extensive, with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. The prices are reasonably priced, too. You might want to book ahead for a special event – this restaurant serves a large party well.

Chef Lookman Afolayan Mashood, who immigrated to the U.S. in the mid-nineties, was a dishwasher at a Brooklyn restaurant for many years before opening Buka New York fifteen years later. It has become one of the most popular Nigerian restaurants in New York. In an interview with VOA, Lookman Afolayan Mashood shared some of his secrets for creating a memorable meal. He told VOA that he is proud of his skills and would love to share them with his readers. He described a typical dish as egusi, made from ground squash seeds, dried fish, and goat meat.
Tropical Grill

The atmosphere at Tropical Grill is a unique blend of comfort and sophistication. What starts as a relaxed African dining experience gradually transforms into a vibrant nightspot with D.J.s, cocktail offerings, and mood lighting. The d├ęcor is colorful and evokes a warm African welcome. You won’t be disappointed with the menu, service, or decor. But don’t expect the laidback ambiance to last forever. The menu changes frequently, so plan a trip to the restaurant ahead of time.

The African menu includes hearty dishes like fish pepper soup and white beans in tomato sauce. Desserts include fried goat cheese and bananas. Drinks include ginger tea and good white ale. And don’t forget to try the spicy dishes! The tropical atmosphere of the restaurant is a perfect backdrop for a fun night out. While dining, you can also take advantage of bottle service. Located off Rockaway Boulevard, Tropical Grill is easy to find and offers excellent food, and its atmosphere is ideal for a night out.
La Savane

A family-friendly restaurant serving authentic African dishes, La Savane is a unique dining experience. Located in a dimly lit, intimate space, the menu includes everything from chicken to seafood. A meal here will not only satisfy your appetite but your adventurous soul as well. You can order a full family dinner for only $27. The menu frequently changes to accommodate special dietary restrictions.

This restaurant has a thriving African ex-pat community in the area. It is a de facto social club for members of the African expatriate community in New York. Women from different countries staff the kitchen. The signature dish is foutou, a traditional bread made from plantains. A meal at La Savane isn’t complete without a glass of wine. There is also a great juice selection.